bridges to computing

The Bridges to Computing project focuses on the transition years from high school to college, working to better inform students about and prepare them for careers in computing fields. Bridges involves academic and social components geared toward advanced high school students, and early and advanced college students. The primary activities are:

The academic portion of the Bridges program emphasizes computing within a context, centering around interdisciplinary application areas and hands-on learning experiences. "Flavored" versions of standard CS0, CS1 and CS2 undergraduate courses have been implemented. High school students are also exposed to each flavor. Flavors include: biologically-inspired simulations, cryptography, e-business, geographic information systems, games, and robotics.

Since Summer 2006, Bridges has reached more than 250 students from nearly 60 public high schools in Brooklyn and around New York City, over 1500 undergraduates through more than 70 sections of 17 newly developed or updated computing courses, and 21 advanced undergraduate Ambassadors. Participants are largely immigrants from all across Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Most undergraduates work part-time while attending school full-time.

Project results include the following highlights: