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Resources & Materials

Support Units:
Unit S1: Careers in Computing
Unit S2: The (Brief) History of Computer Science
Unit S3: Electricity & Binary Numbers
Unit S4: Introduction to Computer Hardware
Unit S5: Introduction to Computer Programming
Unit S6: Introduction to Operating Systems
Unit S7: The Internet and World Wide Web
Unit S8: CyberCrime - How to protect yourself
Unit S9: Visual Programming Languages
Unit S10: Introduction to Interface Design
Project Units:
Unit P1: PC Hardware and A+ Certification Under Development
Unit P2: Introduction to Robotics (RCX & Robolab)
Unit P3: Introduction to Game Programming and Design (SCRATCH)
Unit P4: Introduction to Web Programming and Design (XHTML & CSS)
Unit P5: Introduction to Graphics & Interactive Programming (Processing)
Unit P6: Introduction to Cryptology (PGP)
Unit P7: Introduction to Network Security (Wireshark, NMap, Firewalls)
Unit P8: Introduction to GPS and GIS (Google Earth, Google Maps, ManyEyes)
Unit P9: Introduction to Agent Based Programming (NetLogo)
Unit P10: Interactive Web Programming (JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) Under Development
Unit P11: Introduction to Sound Programming and Design (Audacity) Under Development