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P1. PC Hardware and A+ Certification (Project Unit)

This project lab currently consists of a single lab, although as it has been implemented at Brooklyn College it is actually several lectures and a two-part "computer autopsy" project.

Support Lectures

These lectures support the topics in this Unit.

S3. Electricity & Binary.
S4. Introduction to Computer Hardware.


This unit has several lectures that build on the topics introduced in S4. Introduction to Computer Hardware.

... coming soon ...


This unit currently has one lab "PC Mechanic" which has students open a PC and remove and then reinstall the most common FRU (field replaceable units): RAM, Hard-Drive, Expansion Cards.

Lab 1: PC Mechanic.


For their final project students in this unit, students working in groups, COMPETELY dismantle an old (but working) computer and put all of the seperate parts in ESD bags. During the following class they try to reassemble the computer such that it will once again boot properly.