Scratch - Example Games

"What's possible with SCRATCH."

I get asked this question a fair amount. At this time SCRATCH does not support Vector Graphics, Multi-threading, and package/library creation. Despite these restrictions it is still possible to create some very interesting and exciting applications/games with SCRATCH. Below I have included 4 example games created using SCRATCH.
- The first two games (Egg Catcher and Tag) are so simple that anyone can create them using the tutorials (Lab 1 and Lab 3) provided on this site.
- The next two games (Missile Command and Simon) are slighly more advanced but are still well within the reach of a serious student.
- The final program (Artillery Strike) is more advanced and is the product of work in a college level game programming class. 'Artillery Strike' demonstrates that it is possible in SCRATCH to create realistic collision detection/response physics.

VERY SIMPLE - Based on Lab 1 available from this website.

VERY SIMPLE - Based on Lab 3 available from this website.