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P4. Web Programming and Design (Project Unit)

This unit is composed of 3 lectures, 3 labs and a final student project. It introduces students to the basics of web programming (XHTML, CSS) and web design.

For their final project students will create their own multi-page website. This website may then serve as a repository for other projects that the students create.


This unit has a series of lectures that help explain the basics of web programming and web design.
Lecture 1: Web Programming (XHTML)
Lecture 2: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Lecture 3: Web Design


These labs correspond with the lectures above and are designed to be completed AFTER each lecture.
Lab 1: XHTML   (example of complete lab)
Lab 2: CSS   (example of complete lab)   (associated CSS sheet)
Lab 3: Web Design


Homework #1


Unit Project: Your own, personal, course website.
Website Project Kit
Project Rubric