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P5. Introduction to Graphics & Interactive Programming (Processing)

This unit is composed of 3 lectures, 3 labs and a final student project. It introduces students to the basics of graphics and interactive programming using the free language and IDE Processing.

For their final project students will create their own interactive graphics animation using vector and/or bitmap graphic images.

Support Lectures

These lectures support the topics in this Unit.

S5. Introduction to Programming Languages.


This unit has a series of lectures that help explain the basics of graphics and interactive programming
Lecture 1: Introduction to Processing
Lecture 2: Graphics and Events in Processing
Lecture 3: Animation in Processing

Homework Assignments

This homework assignment is used as part of Lab 3.

Hmwk 1: A simple vector image


These labs correspond with the lectures above and are designed to be completed AFTER each lecture.
Lab 1: Simple Graphics in Processing
Lab 2: Loops and Event Handlers in Processing
Lab 3: A Simple Animation in Processing

Other Materials

You will need to right-click and download the following files to your machine, THEN open them in Processing.


Unit Project: Creating an Interactive Animation.
Project Rubric