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Welcome to my game reviewing web site!!

The page you are on is the Home Page

This page is dedicated to video game reviews,for all the video
game lovers out there. Because I have limited time to
design this site, I'm only going to review three different games.
One of them is a RTS game, one is a shooter, and one is a RPG game.
For all of you who are new to the gaming industry, RTS stands for
Real Time Stratagy, and RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Shooter games
are when you see your hands holding the gun, how healthy you are, how much
armor you have, and how much ammo you have. One of the best known shooters
out there is known as doom.

The doom series is 16 years old, starting in 1994 when Doom
one of the first shooters, came out. At the time it was one of the most amazaing
games in the world. The newest addition to the doom series came out in 2003.
Doom 3 was one of the most violent shooters in its time, it scared its users
and everyone in the gaming industry and a lot of people who didn't play video
games knew about it. For more info about Doom 3, go to Here
For more info about my doom 3 game review in a chart go to my Game Chart Page.

Now about the Real Time Stratagy game, there are many out there
but I feel that this one is by far one of the most awaited, worth the buy, and
frankly one of the most fun games out there. The game I'm talking about is
the long awaited... Starcraft 2. This game is so intesnse, especially at a
higher level, it has players doing 300 actions per minute. Starcraft 2 starts out
by having you gather resources, known as minerals and gas. These resources are
used to build buildings, which can build powerful units, and research technologies
to improve those units and buildings. There are three races in Starcraft 2, all
use the same resources. These races are the terran (humans), the zerg (an insect like
race), and the protoss (a futureistic race which has high telepathic technologies).
The multiplayer option of this game focuses on duels between 2, 4, 6, 8, or even 12 people.

Gameplay of Starcraft 2 is usually described in two words, macro and micro.
Macro is when you are controling massive amounts of units (build with the
resources that you gathered), and controling them all effectively. Micro is when
you are controling small amounts of units and using them to fight large amounts of
units. For more info on starcraft 2 click Here. If you want
to see my game chart review of starcraft 2, click on my Game Chart Page.

Our final game is made by the same people who made starcraft 2. Blizzard entertainment
one of the best gameing companies, created one of the best MMORPG's ever, world of warcraft. A MMORPG is
a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Quite a mouthfull, and really hard to program, I'd assume.
World Of Warcraft has so much content, I could re-type this entire page just to focus on it. It has player versus
player combat, it has player versus enviornment combat, it has quests for enjoyment, it has quests which require
teamwork in order to be overcome. World of warcraft has MANY things! It has professions in which you can create things
for friends, yourself, or even sell it for a lot of cash. This game has so much content that ENTIRE BOOKS have been written
about different things you can do. Since I don't have that kind of time, I'd say that you should just go to my Game Chart Page here.

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