Jackie Robinson

The first Black in the major leagues in the modern era was Jackie Robinson, who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 10, 1947.
Robinson played his first major league game against the Boston Braves at Brooklyn's Ebbets field on April 15, 1947.

Larry Doby

Larry Doby joined the Cleveland Indians on July 6 and became the first Black player in the American League. Three other Blacks were signed
by major league teams in 1947: Dan Bankhead, the first pitcher in the major leagues, Brooklyn Dodgers; Willard Brown, outfielder,
St. Louis Browns; Henry Thompson, infielder, St. Louis Browns.

Moses Fleetwood Walker

The first Black in major league baseball was Moses Fleetwood Walker, who was a catcher on the Toledo team of the American Assn. in 1884.