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About This Site

This site was created by S.H. as part of the Brooklyn College Bridges to computing summer program during the summer of 2010. After coming into this program with little expierience on the subject of making websites, the instructors at the program did an excellent job of introducing me to the subject.They taught me how to use notepad to write the codes to design my website, and the significance of css and javascript to asthetic design. They broke down the task of creaating a website into digestable increments that allowed us to quickly grasp the concept of web design and go on to complete their projects and create our own beautiful web sites. If you've ever wanted to create a website like this, Bridges to Computing at Brooklyn College is the program for you.

Project 2

The second challange set before us after we created our website was to choose a field of computer science and hand in some form of project based on it. For example, those who chose to do a project on robotics might......program a robot. I worked in the field of cryptology, or hidden wriing, and the expierience proved to be rewarding in many ways.

Cryptology Group

These are the bright students of the Cryptology group. We all created great reasearch projects on this vast subject like the ones below

Cryptology Project 1 Cryptology Project 2 Cryptology Project 3

And here is my own personal cryptology project. Only a program like this could inspire such intelligence and creativity from these students.