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About This Site

This site was created by S.J. during the 2010 Summer Bridges to Computing Program, at Brooklyn College. During July 6th to July 22nd 2010 he learned diffent programming languages including xhtml and javascript whch enabled him to create this site. With the utilization of notepad and internet explorer he was able to produce this site.

Project 2

I also worked on a second project, but in the filed of robotics. During the same time period he learned a visual programming language which would allow hhim to program a RCX. The project was based on the idea of a robot being used to clear an area of mines. The program which he created toldd the robot to sweep the area within certain boundaries and push out all objects in the space. After a certain amount of time the robot would stop, knowing that it cleared the entire field.

Link to Project Presentation

Minesweeping Robot Presentation

Link to Project Pictures

Picture 1

Picture 2

 Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5