bridges to computing
Tea with Professors events are scheduled 1-3 times per semester and provide opportunities for students to hear about computer science research in the department, around CUNY and at other universities; to learn about applying to graduate school and about computing jobs in industry; to discuss life after Brooklyn College and get to know faculty members in an informal setting.

Note that the original project funding from NSF supported the Tea with Professors events from Spring 2006 through Spring 2009. In the 2009-2010 academic year, the CIS Department generously supported four Teas. In Fall 2010, one Tea was scheduled but cancelled due to illness on the part of the invited speaker. We hope to reschedule this in Spring 2011.

(past) Tea with Professors topics and dates:

Spring 2010
Bridges to Computing Resource Center Open House 11-Mar-10
Google Panel 8-Apr-10

Fall 2009
Thinking about Graduate School 27-Oct-09
Programming for the Performing Arts 3-Dec-09

Spring 2009
XNA Game Studio 3.0 Workshop 19-Feb-09
Two Talks on Computational Science 12-Mar-09
Life After Brooklyn College: Grad School and Jobs 1-Apr-09
CIS Research Topics 7-May-09

Fall 2008
Xcode Workshop 25-Sep-08
Putting the Science Back into Computer Information Science 23-Oct-08
Research Topics with Faculty 13-Nov-08
Why Apple, Inc in Higher Education 2-Dec-08

Spring 2008
Learn how to install Linux! 21-Feb-08
Marie desJardins: MultiAgent Communities 28-Feb-08
Career Panel: Industry Representatives 20-Mar-08
CIS Majors Info Session 17-Apr-08

Fall 2007
Learn how to install Linux! 4-Oct-07
Bridges Reception 1-Nov-07
Microsoft: Gus Weber 6-Dec-07

Spring 2007
How and Why to Major in Computer Science 27-Feb-07
Evening Tea with BPC Students 12-Mar-07
Summer Internships 22-Mar-07
Microsoft: Discussing Vista, Jobs at Microsoft, Games, and MSDN 12-Apr-07
Marjorie Skubic: Recognition Technology for Functional Assessment of Older Adults 3-May-07

Fall 2006
Hobbies (what we do when we're not in front of the computer) 28-Sep-06
Student's opinion regarding a new curriculum 17-Oct-06
CIS Majors Info Session 2-Nov-06
Computer Start-up: Turingscraft 16-Nov-06
Robotics Showcase 12-Dec-06

Spring 2006
Bridges In Brooklyn 23-Feb-06
A better CIS department 23-Mar-06
Careers in Computer Science 27-Apr-06
Planning for Graduate School 25-May-06